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 Real Estate, Businesses, Hotels, Yachts, Aircraft, Country Clubs, Communities, Landscape, Architectural, Historic Landmarks. 

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Being a Realtor for 23 + years gives me a unique perspective as a Real Estate Photographer, I know what you’re looking for in photos of your listings and how to attract buyers. Having done more than 2,500 Real Estate shoots in this state FL and having been the owner-operator of Apex Photography in Dutchess County, New York prior to moving to Florida in 1989 I have a long history in the photography business.    


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HDR Stills - Start at $150.00 and Covers Homes up to 3,000 Total Square Feet (5 cents a Total Square Foot)

For every square foot over 3,000 total square feet Add .05 / 5 cents a total square foot. For example: If the house is 3,243 total square feet. / 3,243 x .05 = 162.15 The cost for HDR stills, would be $162.15. I will take as many photos as needed to cover the property completely. It will take approximately 45 to 120 minutes on site to photograph the interior of the home depending on its size.

Additional add-on Features

Drone, Aerial photographs:

Add four aerial HDR stills to any size property for $75.00 if done at the same time as the Photo Shoot. If done at a separate time $100.00.

Virtual Tour $75.00

The virtual tour will be crafted using some of the HDR stills

 along with stills from the community.

All Virtual tours include the following: Branded tour links for personal use / Unbranded tour for MLS / Use Custom Flash & HTML 5 Mobile Viewer Tour —Vibes lead capture enabled / Tour - Follow lead capture enabled / Company branding surrounding tour Agent branding on tour Link to virtual tour gallery enabled/ Property description posted to tour/ Weekly Deep Stat Hit traffic reports / MLS data listed within virtual tour / listing text updates / Free music enabled / Free Virtual tour posting,,,, Backpage, Yahoo Real Estate, Reachoo, YouTube, and More.

360 Panoramic $50.00

Add a 360 Panoramic to any Property’s Virtual Tour. 

Twilight Photography $150.00

Four professional exterior photographs taken just after sunset with all interior and exterior lights of the property turned on. 

Community Photos: Included at no additional cost

Four photographs of local highlights, Beach, Clubhouse, Boat ramp, etc.

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